Character How to Unlock VS Matches Required
Ness Reflect 10 Projectiles. 5
Marth Complete Classic Mode. 10
Luigi Complete Classic Mode using no continues. 22
Falco Complete 100-Man Brawl. 50
Captain Falcon Play through Classic Mode on Normal or higher and beat it in 12 minutes or less. 70
Lucario Clear Target Smash!! on levels 1-5 with any single character. 100
Snake Play 15 Vs. Matches on Shadow Moses Island. 130
R.O.B. Collect 250 different trophies (If done in Coin Launcher, play a vs. match with any character). 160
Ganondorf Clear Classic on Hard with Link or Zelda/Sheik without continuing. 200
Mr. Game & Watch Clear Target Smash with 30 different characters on any single difficulty level. 250
Sonic Complete Classic Mode with 10 characters, or smash for 10 combined total hours. 300
Jigglypuff Beat 20 or more events after beating Adventure Mode. 350
Toon Link Beat Event Match 51 with Link. 400
Wolf Complete Boss Battles mode with Fox or Falco. 450


Character How to Unlock VS Matches Required
School Finish School while having SSBM in your data. N/A
Memory Card Buy a memory card with Mario. 251
Gamecube Buy 3 Gamecubes while having SSBM in your data. 333
Toon Junkpile Beat Event Match 51 with Junkpile. 400 with Junkpile, 600 with any other character
Tails Beat Adventure Mode with Sonic. 522
Knuckles Beat Classic Mode on Hard with Sonic. 524
Amy Rose Beat Classic Mode on Very Easy with Sonic. 700
Cream and Cheese Beat Classic Mode on Easy with Amy Rose. 720
Big Beat Classic Mode with Cream and Cheese. 750
Espio Beat Event Match 50 with Sonic. 800
Charmy Bee Beat Classic Mode with Espio. 815
Vector Beat Classic Mode with Espio. 815
Shadow Beat Adventure Mode with Sonic on Very Hard. 1,519
Maria Beat Classic Mode on Normal with Shadow the Hedgehog. 1,520
Rouge Beat Classic Mode with Shadow the Hedgehog. 1,818
Omega Beat Adventure Mode with Shadow the Hedgehog. 2,003
Blaze Beat Event Match 60 with Sonic. 2,005
Silver Beat Event Match 76 with Sonic. 2,006
5-year old Girl Beat Event Match 92 with Sonic. 2,007
Nacho Libre Unlock him by going to Nacho Libre's house and challenge him to a wrestling match if you beat him without him touching you then he will give you a special card then play Yoshi's target test while the card is face down on your system then when you beat it and its at the character screen for target test move the hand over the spot where Mr. Game & Watch is. 3,437
Good Bowser Stuff your memory card into Bowser's mouth, then bash him on the head with your system. Buy a new system and stuff Bowser in it. 4,260
Door Knob Buy 3 Door Knobs while having SSBM in your data. 6,000
Door Buy 3 Doors while having SSBM in your data. 6,222
Shigeru Miyamoto Be Mario in training mode and face Link, Get these items out in this order: Metal Box, Poison Mushroom, Fire Flower, Mushroom, freezie. Make sure they all hit Link. 18,890,923
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Go to training mode and press A over and over again 24 hours a day until December 3rd, then come December 3rd go buy it. 20,071,203
Masahiro Sakurai Beat Classic Mode on Very Hard 999,999,999 times. 20,130,611
Sora Ltd. Beat Adventure Mode with Masahiro Sakurai. 20,141,121
Chaos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Beat the game with every character except him. 123,456,789



Item How to Unlock
Nintendo 64 Play as all 12 Smash 64 veterans.
Nintendo Gamecube Buy 3 Gamecubes.
Nintendo Wii Play Super Smash Bros. Brawl for 10 hours.
Sony PlayStation Use Mega Man's Up and Down Smashes repeatedly.
Sony PlayStation 2 Unlock Sora.
Sony PlayStation 3 Unlock Neptune.
Microsoft Xbox Make Mario shoot the Golden Overalls.
Microsoft Xbox 360 Shoot all the Borderlands characters.

Video GamesEdit

Item How to Unlock
Sonic the Hedgehog CD Play as Amy Rose in 10 vs. matches.
Shadow the Hedgehog CD Be too sexy to be in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
Silver the Hedgehog CD In Stardust Speedway (bad future), fight Metal Sonic.
Michael Jamison CD In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, find Amy Rose and take her to the urinal in overalls.
Arcana Heart 3 Play as Ayumi Tsuji in 10 vs. matches.
Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition Unlock Weiss, Scharlachrot, and Eko.

How We WardenEdit

How to get the full Classic Amy in Blue Jean Overalls set.

Item How to Unlock
Classic Amy's Tail Run 500 yards as Sonic.
Classic Amy's Headband Jump 100 times as Mario.
Classic Amy's Sneakers Sneak 50 feet.
Nose Bump Play as Duck Hunt in 1000 vs. matches.
Classic Amy's Overalls Play as SMG4 and use the Golden Overalls on Mario.

Upgradable SD Card Data StorageEdit

Data Storage How to Upgrade
5 Gigabytes Free 5 Gigabytes of space on your computer.
6 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 6 times with 5 Gigabytes.
7 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 7 times with 5 Gigabytes.
8 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 8 times with 5 Gigabytes.
9 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 9 times with 5 Gigabytes.
10 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 10 times with 5 Gigabytes.
20 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 20 times with 5 Gigabytes.
50 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 50 times with 5 Gigabytes.
100 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 100 times with 5 Gigabytes.
1,000 Gigabytes Beat Classic Mode 1,000 times with 5 Gigabytes.
1,000,000 Gigabytes Beat Cruel Melee with 5 Gigabytes.

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