X Came To SSBP and has 3 variants, normal, FROZEN, and FIRE.

Attributes Edit

  • Can Wall Jump? - Yes
  • Can Wall Cling? - Yes
  • Can Crawl? - No
  • Can Float? - No
  • Tether? - No

Aesthetics Edit

Moveset Edit

Neutral attack
Forward tilt
Up tilt
Down tilt
Forward smash
Uses a Hadoken and says "Kamehameha"
Up smash
Uses a Shoryuken and says "Kamehameha"
Down smash
Pounds the Ground and says "Kamehameha"
Dash attack
Neutral aerial
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Up aerial
Down aerial
Squeezes the Opponent
Forward throw
Kicks the foe forward.
Back throw
Spins around and throws the foe behind him.
Up throw
Throws the opponent upwards and hits them with his back.
Down throw
Grabs the opponent, and repeatedly hits their head off the ground, before tossing them away. This is infamous for being the most powerful throw in the game by a large margin.
Ledge attack
Neutral B
Mega Man X Shoot - X fires a regular gun that KOs at 0% and deals 999% Damage. In all non-Japanese versions it is modified to look like the NES Zapper does in the same region.
Side B
X Punch - X rushes forward and Punches.
Up B
Fire Tornado - X Uses Fire Tornado.
Down B
Variant Change - Like, the Pokemon Trainer, he switches from one variant to another.
Final Smash
Mega Man X Charge - X charges his X Buster 8 directions, then causes an effect depending on the variant.
    • Normal Variant - shoots everyone.
    • FROZEN Variant - freezes everyone.
    • FIRE Variant - burns everyone.

On-screen appearance Edit

Idle animation Edit

  • Uses his idle stance from Mega Man X6.
  • Pose 1:

Taunts Edit

  • Up - Clanks his crotch 3 times.
  • Side - Takes his helmet off and the characters he's fighting face him and do a random thing.
  • Down - Looks at the player, salutes, and says "I'm X.", then clanks his crotch.

Victory poses Edit

Losing animation Edit

  • Claps to the player.

Other animations Edit

  • Walk - Uses his running animation from Mega Man X6.
  • Run - Uses his dashing animation from Mega Man X6.
  • Jump - Uses his jumping animation from Mega Man X6.
  • Double Jump - Uses his jumping animation from Mega Man X6.
  • Roll -
  • Air Dodge -
  • Crouch - Uses his crouching animation from Mega Man X6.
  • Dizzy -
  • Sleep -
  • Balance -
  • Floor Lay -
  • Edge Grab - Clinches the edge with one hand.
  • Grabbed -
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