Roll Came To SSBP and has 3 variants, normal, FROZEN, and FIRE.

Attributes Edit

  • Can Wall Jump? - No
  • Can Wall Cling? - No
  • Can Crawl? - Yes
  • Can Float? - No
  • Tether? - No

Aesthetics Edit

Roll is a character with slow dashing speed, with the low traction in the game. He is also a lightweight (though he is not as light as other characters), with moderate falling speed. He also has a rather low jump, as well as having a rather low air speed.

Moveset Edit

Neutral attack
Forward tilt
Up tilt
Down tilt
Forward smash
Up smash
Down smash
Dash attack
Neutral aerial
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Up aerial
Down aerial
Forward throw
Back throw
Up throw
Down throw
Ledge attack
Neutral B
Roll Punch - Roll does an upward punch that KOs at 0% and deals 999% Damage.
Side B
Roll Splash - Roll uses her bucket to splashes the element depending on the variant.
  • Normal Variant - water.
  • FROZEN Variant - water, but freezes the opponent.
  • FIRE Variant - lava that burns the opponent.
Up B
Boost Shoes - Roll receives a burst of speed in the air from her feet. Any opponents caught in the move are trapped in a multi-hit attack before getting blown away. Roll also travels more distance if she catches an opponent in the move. Once the move ends, Roll will drop helplessly.
Down B
Variant Change - Like, the Pokemon Trainer, she switches from one variant to another.
Final Smash
Roll Charge - Roll swings her broom 1400 degrees and depending on the variant.
  • Normal Variant - smacks everyone.
  • FROZEN Variant - freezes everyone.
  • FIRE Variant - burns everyone.

On-screen appearance Edit

Idle animation Edit

  • Pose 1:

Taunts Edit

  • Up - Clanks her crotch 3 times.
  • Side - Takes her hair down and the characters she's fighting face him and do a random thing, then she puts her hair back in a ponytail.
  • Down - farts out of her panties, and says "hee-hee".

Victory poses Edit

  • farts out of her panties, and says "hee-hee".
  • farts out of her panties, and says "hee-hee".
  • farts out of her panties, and says "hee-hee".

Losing animation Edit

  • Claps to the player.

Other animations Edit

  • Walk -
  • Run -
  • Jump -
  • Double Jump -
  • Roll -
  • Air Dodge -
  • Crouch -
  • Dizzy -
  • Sleep -
  • Balance -
  • Floor Lay -
  • Edge Grab -
  • Grabbed -
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