Sarah Jones
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Tomodachi Life
Tier Trashcan (9999995)
Character Statistics
Number of Jumps 2
Can Wall Jump No
Can Wall Cling No
Can Crawl Yes
Can Glide No
Has a Tether No
Character Stats (out of 100)
Weight 82
Walk Speed 1
Dash Speed 1.2
Air Speed 1
Fall Speed 1.7
Fast Fall Speed 2.5
Voice Actor
Voiced by Sarah Jones
Sarah is a Mii from Tomodachi Life

Aesthetics Edit

Sarah is a character with slow dashing speed, with low traction in the game. She is also a lightweight (though he is not as light as other characters), with moderate falling speed. She also has a rather low jump, as well as having a rather low air speed.

Moveset Edit

Neutral attack
Punches with the right hand, then the left hand.
Forward tilt
Up tilt
Down tilt
Forward smash
Up smash
Down smash
Dash attack
Neutral aerial
Forward aerial
Back aerial
Up aerial
Down aerial
Headbutts the opponent.
Forward throw
Back throw
Up throw
Down throw
Ledge attack
Neutral B
Back Pocket Gun - Sarah takes the gun out of her back pocket and shoots it.
Side B
Sword -
Up B
Jean Rocket - Sarah's Back Pockets rejoin into rockets.
Down B
Ground Pound - Sarah front flips, then drops her hips, takes 15% recoil damage if she falls from a high place (at least 6 Marios high).
Final Smash
Tomodachi Life - Sarah says "My nickname is Sarah, my favorite color is pink!".

On-screen appearance Edit

  • Leaves the apartment.

Idle animation Edit

  • stands still.
  • Pose 1: Raps.
  • Pose 2: Rocks.

Taunts Edit

  • Up - Eats a donut.
  • Side - Sneezes.
  • Down - Farts a rolling crate.

Victory poses Edit

  • Farts a rolling crate.
  • Picks up a barrel and the barrel squishes her.
  • Throws Cappy on a frog.

Losing animation Edit

  • Claps to the player.

Other animations Edit

  • Walk - Walks as she does in Tomodachi Life.
  • Run -
  • Jump -
  • Double Jump -
  • Roll -
  • Air Dodge -
  • Crouch -
  • Dizzy -
  • Sleep -
  • Balance -
  • Floor Lay -
  • Edge Grab -
  • Grabbed -
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