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8-Year-Old May in Overalls (SSBP)A Letter To SakuraiAaron (SSBP)
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Alice (SSBP)Alice in Jeans (SSBP)All-Star Mode
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Dipsy (SSBP)Dog Urinating (SSBP)Double jump
Down special moveDown tiltEko's Bad Hair Day
Eko (SSBP)Eko is an Onnanoko in Arcana Heart 3Elderly Spongebob as the Pink Spikes (SSBP)
Enable AccountEternal SonataFalling speed
Final BashFinal SmashFireball
Forward throwForward tiltFox (SSBP)
GTA Officer (SSBP)Game ModesGame Released on Thursday
Ganondorf (SSBP)Gender Changeing ChallangeGirl born on March 29, 2011 (SSBP)
Greninja (SSBP)Grey DeLisleHannah (SSBP)
Harry Potter (SSBP)Henereyj, Weesee, and ChrenHoe
Ike (SSBP)Infobox Character GeneralIs Puyo Puyo Chronicle Japan-Only
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Ivy (SSBP)Jakob (SSBP)Jakob in 2017 (SSBP)
JumpKill KeyKip (SSBP)
Lana Loud (SSBP)Lana Loud in Blue Jean Overalls (SSBP)Lily Haynes as a 4-year-old Girl in Blue Jeans Using the Urinal
Lily Haynes as a 5-year-old Girl in Blue Jeans Using the UrinalLip (SSBP)List of Bonuses
List of Newcomer TauntsList of Veteran TauntsList of taunts
List of voice actorsLoad Ran is an Onnanoko in Twinkle Star SpritesLola Loud (SSBP)
Lola Loud At Age SixLola Loud Unzips Girls' JeansLola Loud is an Onnanoko in The Loud House
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Sonic Adventure SonicSonic Fire Weegee (SSBP)Sonic Generations HD II.5 Remix 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!
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Super Smash Bros. Wii Ragdoll SpawnTaizo HoriTeleteegees (SSBP)
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