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A Final Smash (最後の切りふだ Saigo no Kiri Fuda, Final Trump Card) is a special attack in Super Smash Bros. PHAILURE. Final Smashes are incredibly powerful in comparison to most other attacks, generally leaving the user invincible for the move's duration, are generally unblockable, and, if properly executed, usually have the capacity to KO at least one opponent. Final Smashes performed correctly will give the player a great advantage, and may help to catch up to others or cement a commanding lead. Many Final Smashes also temporarily slow down stage elements, such as platform movements and motions in the background.

To perform a Final Smash, a player must first either destroy a Smash Ball or fall sufficiently far behind that they are given a "Pity Final Smash". Once either of these happens, the player's character will be engulfed in a multi-colored aura; pressing the special move button in this state will trigger the Final Smash. However, if the player's character takes sufficient damage after collecting a Smash Ball and before performing the Final Smash, the Smash Ball will fly out of their character and be returned to play.

Only one Smash Ball or Final Smash can be present on-screen at any given time.

Pity Final SmashEdit


A Pity Final Smash occurs when a player is KO'd and is 5 points behind the current leader (thereby allowing the player in 2nd place or below to earn one, provided the gap is large enough.) This player respawns with the ability to perform a Final Smash. This Final Smash cannot be dropped by the player. Pity Final Smashes can be disabled only by turning off items completely - simply setting overall item frequency to 'None' does not work.


While Final Smashes tend to be unique among characters, there are certain categories they can be sorted into.

  • Directional - These Final Smashes launch an attack in a single direction. Depending on the Final Smash, the direction can be controlled, while others are fixed. This kind of Final Smash has a blind spot, usually behind the attacker, where targets can hide.
  • Focused - These Final Smashes affect nearby opponents in any direction. Targets can avoid the move by getting out of range, so they're mostly effective in smaller stages.
  • Trapping - These Final Smashes attack a certain area, grab anyone inside said area (or just a single character), and lay down an inescapable beating. They generally have a small initial range and will fail if there are no targets caught.
  • Stage-Wide - These Final Smashes affect the whole stage, leaving little or no hiding spots. However, they may be less effective on larger stages.
  • Transformation - These Final Smashes only affect the user, who can then rampage around and cause damage. Some transformations buff up the character's existing moveset, while others use a different set of controls. Most transformations leave the user immune to damage and most status effects.



Final Smash Type Description
Black Skin-Tight Shorts Cycling Directional Gets out a bicycle and runs the opponents over.
Bowser Giga Bowser Transformation Transforms into his Giga Bowser form. Is much more powerful and cannot be launched, but can take damage. Some of his attacks have elemental buffs.
Bowser Jr. Shadow Mario Paint Stage-Wide Turns into Shadow Mario and paints (apparently) the screen, making an X-shape. The other players who touch the x will take damage multiple times really fast until the x disappears. When it disappears, the players who touched it will get launched.
Brawlio Brawlio Finale Directional Unleashes a burst of flames that travels forward to push opponents off the stage.
Brawl Luigi Brawl Urinal Stage-Wide Brawl Mario Rushes to the men's restroom unzips his jean overalls, and pees in a urinal.
Brawl Mario Brawl Urinal Stage-Wide Brawl Mario Rushes to the men's restroom unzips his jean overalls, and pees in a urinal.
Brawl Sonic Speed Transformation Becomes faster than Captain Falcon.
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Trapping Takes opponents in front of him to a racetrack, where he hits them with the Blue Falcon.
Charizard Mega Evolution Transformation Turns into his X Mega Evolution which allows him to fly freely around the stage. He can also fire fireballs and use screw attacks.
Dark Pit Dark Pit Staff Directional Takes a staff and shoots a large beam, lasting a split second, and the players get launched if they touch this beam.
DJ Khaled Mic Scream Directional Like Hoshi's, but takes a while to be unleashed since it is stronger.
Diddy Kong Rocketbarrel Barrage Transformation Puts on his jetpack and fires high-powered peanuts. Cannot take damage.
Donkey Kong Konga Beat Focused Plays his bongos which create an energy field, causing damage.
Dr. Mario Doctor Finale Directional Similar to Mario Finale, but shoots out giant pills instead.
Duck Hunt NES Zapper Posse Trapping Takes opponents away with a swarm of ducks, where they land in the middle of a gunfight and are shot repeatedly.
Fox Landmaster Transformation Gets into his Landmaster.
Falco Landmaster Transformation Gets into his Landmaster. Can stay in the air longer than Fox's.
Ganondorf Beast Ganon Directional Transforms into his Beast Form, stuns characters in front of him, and charges at them.
Greninja Secret Ninja Attack Trapping Uses Mat Block to launch players high into the air, where he repeatedly strikes them before launching them with a finishing blow.
Hoshi Mic Scream Directional Screams into a microphone, blasting his opponents away.
Ice Climbers Iceberg Stage-Wide Claps each other's hand and creates a giant iceberg that inflicts damage to opponents that touch the iceberg.
Ike Great Aether Trapping Strikes opponents directly in front of him into the air and repeatedly strikes them with his sword before slamming them to the ground.
Jigglypuff Puff Up Focused Continues to grow until at a colossal size to blast players off the stage.
King Dedede Dedede Burst Trapping Dedede inhales to draw enemies towards the player and hit them with multiple hammer hits. In the end, he will throw a bomb at them.
Kirby Ultra Sword Trapping Traps opponents before repeatedly slashing them with a massive sword.
Load Ran ADK Focused Yells ADK.
Link Triforce Slash Trapping Traps opponents directly in front of him in a Triforce like a prison and cuts them down.
Little Mac Giga Mac Transformation Transforms into a massive powered up version of himself, greatly increasing his attack power.
Lucario Mega Evolution Transformation Mega-evolves to temporarily increase his attack power.
Lucas PK Starstorm Stage-Wide/Directional Sends meteors hurtling towards the stage, dealing heavy damage. Unlike in Brawl, this version is more focused, as he can now control it.
Lucina Critical Hit Directional Rushes forward and strikes opponents with an attack so strong they are One-Hit KOed.
Luigi Poltergust 5000 Focused Sucks opponents in and spews them out. Luigi can control the angle of effect.
Mario Mario Finale Directional Unleashes a burst of flames that travels forward to push opponents off the stage.
Marth Critical Hit Directional Dashes forward to strike opponents with an attack so strong it will One-Hit KO them.
Maxwell Write Notebook Focused Write Notebook.
Meap Trump Card Any Uses another character's Final Smash. Is always random which one.
Mega Man Mega Legends Trapping Mega Man fires a Black Hole Bomb (MM9) at a player in front of him, causing a black hole to appear on the fighter, sucking nearby fighters in, and then X, MegaMan.EXE, Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis (Mega Man Star Force), and Mega Man Volnutt team up with Mega Man, and fire charge shots at the helpless victims, causing all characters who were trapped to get launched.
Meta Knight Galaxia Darkness Trapping Waves his cloak in front of him and unleashes a devastating slash to any players who were touched by the cloak.
Mewtwo Psystrike Directional Turns into his Y Mega Evolution and uses Psytrike to hit opponents with thunderbolts until blowing them away.
Mii Brawler Omega Blitz Trapping Launches opponents directly in front of him/her into the air and strikes them repeatedly before dealing a final blow.
Mii Gunner Full Blast Directional Unleashes one giant laser and two smaller lasers.
Mii Swordfighter Final Edge Directional Fires a large number of shockwaves from his/her sword.
Mr. Game & Watch Octopus Transformation Turns into an octopus and becomes invincible. Its tentacles extend and retract constantly and deal heavy damage to opponents.
Ness PK Starstorm Stage-Wide/Directional Sends meteors hurtling towards the stage, dealing heavy damage. Unlike in Brawl, this version is more focused, as he can now control it.
Olimar End of Day Stage-Wide Gets in his Dolphin ship and takes off to the sky, with the camera focusing on him. Players still on the stage are attacked repeatedly by Bulborbs. Then the Dolphin returns to the stage and explodes when it hits the ground, sending anyone caught in the explosion flying.
Pac-Man Super Pac-Man Transformation Temporarily transforms into a giant version of his classic form.
Palutena Black Hole Laser Trapping Sends out a Blackhole to Trap players and then fires a devastating Mega Laser at them.
Peach Peach Blossom Focused Does a dance that causes many peaches to appear on the stage. These peaches can be used to recover health. All other players nearby are put to sleep for a long period of time, making them vulnerable to attack once Peach finishes her dance.
Pikachu Volt Tackle Transformation Turns into a giant ball of electricity which can fly around the stage and deal heavy electrical damage to anyone it touches.
Pit Three Sacred Treasures Stage-Wide/Directional Equips the Three Sacred Treasures and starts shooting at opponents with arrows and finishes with lasers from the sky, launching those hit.
R.O.B. Super Diffusion Beam Directional Transforms into a giant laser cannon and shoots a giant laser towards the opponent straight forward that splits into four smaller ones, then fires a final shot.
Red Kirby Ultra Sword Trapping Same as Kirby's but stronger, though it lasts shorter.
Rick Ross Exploding Fat Focused Gets fatter and explodes, one hit KOing anyone around him.
Robin Pair-Up Trapping Chrom warps onto the stage and rushes toward the opponent, and he and Robin attack them together. Robin uses their tomes, while Chrom uses his Falchion.
Roy Critical Hit Directional Dashes forward to strike opponents with an attack so strong it will One-Hit KO them.
Rosalina & Luma Power Star Focused Brings out a Power Star which shoots smaller stars in all directions and will expand until the end when it explodes, dealing a final powerful blow.
Samus Zero Laser Directional Shoots a powerful burst of energy from her arm cannon.
Sheik Light Arrow Directional Takes out a bow and shoots a powerful light arrow which sends all affected characters flying.
Shulk Chain Attack Trapping Takes opponents in front of him to another dimension and teams up with Dunban and Riki to simultaneously attack opponents, launching those affected afterward.
Sonic Super Sonic Transformation Gathers the 7 Chaos Emeralds and turns into Super Sonic, giving him the power to fly around the stage and strike players for heavy damage for a short while.
Toon Link Triforce Slash Trapping Traps players in front of Toon Link in a Triforce where he repeatedly slashes players before releasing one final slash, sending players flying.
Villager Dream Home Trapping Grabs a character in front of them and Tom Nook, Timmy Nook, and Tommy Nook appear to construct a home around the player, dealing damage, and when finished constructing it, the house explodes and the character will be launched into the air.
Wario Wario-Man Transformation Turns into Wario-Man and strengthens Wario's attack power.
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Directional Sends out rainbow-colored silhouettes of herself, each in a different exercise pose, to bombard any opponent in front of her.
Yoshi Super Dragon Transformation Spreads wings, granting the ability to fly and shoot fireballs. Invincibility is also granted.
Zelda Light Arrow Directional Takes out a bow and shoots a powerful light arrow which sends all affected characters flying.
Zero Suit Samus Gunship Stage-Wide Jumps into her Gunship to shoot lasers at opponents.


In competitive playEdit

In tournaments, all items are turned to off and none, including Smash Balls. This means that Final Smashes do not appear in tournaments. While the consensus has been that any randomly appearing factor is detrimental to competitive play, such a decision undoubtedly favors certain characters more than others. Some characters, such as Meta Knight, have excellent regular attacks, but have poor Final Smashes, while others (like Link) have poor regular attributes, but have very good Final Smashes. Certain smashers feel that this contributes to the brokenness of certain characters while removing viable options from others. Despite this complaint, Smash Balls remain disabled at this time along with all other items due to their unpredictability.

Because items are turned to off and none and tournament rules specify only 3 stock, Pity Final Smashes also do not appear in tournaments. One might argue that allowing Pity Final Smashes would allow a badly beaten player to stage a comeback, as they do not appear at random like Smash Balls do, and any player good enough to push an opponent so far will likely win the match anyway. However, this can only happen in a match of at least 6 stocks, which is generally accepted to be too high for tournaments.

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