Alice is a 4-year-old brown-haired blue-eyed girly girl.


Normal AttacksEdit

  • Neutral Combo - Left Punch, Right Punch, Left Kick.
  • Dash Attack - A yoyo.

Tilt AttacksEdit

  • Forward Tilt - A Horse Kick, similar to Sonic's From Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Up Tilt - A Two Hit Kick, Similar to Captain Falcon's up smash
  • Down Tilt - A Breakdance Kick From Super Mario 64.


  • Forward Smash - Alice will slam her inflator against her opponent.
  • Up Smash - Alice will hop with both fists raised to strike a deadly uppercut.
  • Down Smash - Alice inflates balloons so hard, they pop, sending opponents flying.


  • Neutral aerial - A Spin similar to Wolf's.
  • Forward aerial - Drills Forward.
  • Back aerial - Kicks Backwards.
  • Up aerial - A Drill Kick Similar To Samus'.
  • Down aerial - A move similar to Wizard's Foot.


  • Neutral Special (Balloon Pump) - Alice will need her Balloons much like Olimar will need his Pikmin to use most of her moves so it's always a good idea to inflate balloons when you can of course little Alice can only have two balloons at a time.
  • Side Special (Swing Set) - Holding her balloons in her hands Alice will swing forward at her foes!
  • Up Special (Balloon Spin) - Alice
  • Down Special (Balloon Release) - If Alice is on the ground she will release her balloons which will pop randomly above her. If Alice is in the air releasing her balloons will send her plummeting to the ground if she successfully breaks her fall with an opponent they will be buried into the ground for a short time.
  • Final Smash (Fire Alice) - Alice turns into Fire Alice.


  • Up - Alice jumps up and down blowing Kisses
  • Side - Alice spins around and tosses Jim into the air, catches him hugs him and spins again (Jim vanishes on the second spin)
  • Down - Alice is lifted into the air by her balloons and struggles to be set down (only if she has balloons). if she doesn't have balloons she will look around confused.
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