8-Year-Old May in Overalls
Universe Pokémon
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Fire May
Tier Trashcan (9999995)
Character Statistics
Number of Jumps 2
Can Wall Jump Yes
Can Wall Cling No
Can Crawl No
Can Glide No
Has a Tether No
Character Stats (out of 100)
Weight 87
Walk Speed 1.1
Dash Speed 1.5
Air Speed 1.1
Fall Speed 1.28
Fast Fall Speed 1.7
8-Year-Old May in Overalls


Neutral attack
Left Punch, Right Punch, bursts out of back pockets.
Forward tilt
A Horse Kick, similar to Sonic's From Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Up tilt
A Two Hit Kick, Similar to Captain Falcon's up smash
Down tilt
A Breakdance Kick From Super Mario 64.
Forward smash
A Fireball Shoots Out Of Her Mouth.
Up smash
Spin Jumps Off The Stage.
Down smash
A Ground Pound.
Dash attack
A yoyo.
Neutral aerial
A Spin similar to Wolf's.
Forward aerial
Drills Forward.
Back aerial
Kicks Backwards.
Up aerial
A Drill Kick Similar To Samus'.
Down aerial
A move similar to Wizard's Foot.
Forward throw
Back throw
Up throw
Down throw
Ledge attack
Neutral B
Chest Pocket - 8-Year-Old May puts items in her chest pocket.
Side B
Up B
Down B
May Form - May turns into 10-year-old May in her Pokemon Emerald Outfit.
Final Smash

On-screen appearance Edit

Idle animation Edit

  • Pose 1:

Taunts Edit

  • Up -
  • Side -
  • Down - Aims back pockets at the player.

Victory poses Edit

Losing animation Edit

  • Claps to the player.

Other animations Edit

  • Walk -
  • Run -
  • Jump -
  • Double Jump -
  • Roll -
  • Air Dodge -
  • Crouch -
  • Dizzy -
  • Sleep -
  • Balance -
  • Floor Lay -
  • Edge Grab -
  • Grabbed -
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